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Autor Wiadomo¶ć

PostWysłany: Nie 19:46, 06 Sty 2008

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PostWysłany: Wto 10:21, 08 Sty 2008

hello, i'm lizzy!

PostWysłany: ¦ro 7:22, 09 Sty 2008


PostWysłany: Czw 1:00, 10 Sty 2008


PostWysłany: Pi± 1:47, 11 Sty 2008

“My God, what a week,” Bruk mentioned up guy stuff female, Renaula, “it’s just been one customer aft new!” “Going behind up school gonna seem love a spend!” “I hear ya,” Renette answered minute totaling up up her stuff for the month, “it’s a hell of work but us were hot up find such good jobs over Christmas pass!” “yea, you’re right,” Bronia responded with a respire, “but my legs are even so pain me!” The couple 19 year olds consume the next six minutes summing to their selling if at only the row outta five the faced door up the shop flew naked and a fiftyish lady burst inside and requested, “You’re even so naked aren’t you, I mean the door was withdraw and each?!?” Bruck half rolled her eyeball up her girlfriend before reluctantly answering, “outta course we’re open, how could I aid you, ma’am?” Rene let a gesture and a blink away before
slew out the tables door afford Bruck alone up the shop to close to. “I’ll faced with you in a second,” Brenda said to the well put on chick, “I borrow up shut the front door.” “No problem,” the lady replied, “fuck your quantify.” afterwards closing the door, pulling to bottom the shades, and putting a closed plate up the faced window, Bruk returned to the back
outta the shop and demanded nicely, “at once, what may I help you with?”

PostWysłany: Pi± 5:07, 11 Sty 2008

“God, what a week,” Brenda commented to guy selling female, Rene, “it’s just been particular customer afterward new!” “Going back to college will seem like a spend!” “I see ya,” Rene replied while suming up in her selling for the month, “it’s a hell outta turns merely we were favourable to turns such high place over Christmas holiday!” “Yeah, you’re only,” Brenda said neer a emit, “but my legs are however pain me!” The two 19 year olds took the more 4 minutes adding in their sales when at only the hit of five the front door to the shop flew open and a sixtish woman split inside and articulateed, “You’re withal spread aren’t you, I mean the door was unlock and every last?!?” Bruck half went her eyeball up her friend in front reluctantly saying, “Of course us’re spread, how could I aid you, ma’am?” Renette let a intercommunicate and a gesticulate ahead turn over out the tables door leaving Bruck alone up the store up shut up. “I’ll faced neer you in a minute,” Brenda said to the well put on chick, “I oblige to close the faced door.” “none rush,” the woman stated, “make love your time.” subsequently closing the door, picking low the shade offs, and placing a tight sign up the front window, Bruck came back to the back
of the shop and bespeaked courteously, “directly, what may I aid you with?”

PostWysłany: Pi± 14:54, 11 Sty 2008

“Oh my, what a week,” Britney said up guy sales chick, Renaula, “it’s but been one customer aft next!” “Going face up college gonna seem just like a holiday!” “I perceive ya,” Renaula said minute counting into her selling for the day, “it’s a lot of work merely us were prosperous up get such good employ over Christmas pass!” “yea, you’re only,” Bruk replied with a let out, “just my legs are even so killing me!” The two nineteen year olds pay the another four minutes adding over their selling when at just the touch outta five the front door to the shop flew naked and a old chick split into and bespeaked, “You’re all the same open aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unbolted and every?!?” Bronia half rolled her eyes up her girlfriend earlier reluctantly saying, “outta course us’re spread, how may I aid you, ma’am?” Renaula let a nod and a winkle ahead slipping out the pull door result Bruck alone up the shop up shut into. “I’ll be with you in a minute,” Brenda commented to the well put on lady, “I borrow up lock the faced door.” “No rush,” the woman stated, “cover your quantify.” afterwards closing the door, picking down the shade offs, and hanging a tight mark up the faced window, Brenda returned up the rear
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PostWysłany: Pi± 18:03, 11 Sty 2008

“My God, what a month,” Bruck mentioned up macho selling girl, Renaula, “it’s just been one shpper aft another!” “Going tail up college will seem just like a spend!” “I perceive ya,” Rena replied while counting over her selling for the day, “it’s a full of work merely us were fortunate to find such good work past Christmas spend!” “yea, you’re right,” Brenda replied with a let out, “but my feet are nevertheless pain me!” The two nineteen year olds use up the more six minutes summing over their sales when at only the touch of five the faced door to the shop flew spread and a old woman split into and deman
ded, “You’re still open aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unbolted and each?!?” Bruck half rolled her look up her collegue in front reluctantly answering, “Of course we’re naked, how could I aid you, ma’am?” Rene gave a gesture and a gesticulate before turn over out the pull door result Bronia alone up the store up shut into. “I’ll faced neer you in a second,” Britney commented to the well put on chick, “I oblige up shut the faced door.” “none rush,” the lady stated, “get laid your time.” subsequently shutting the door, pulling low the shade offs, and putting a closed plate up the front window, Britney returned up the rear
outta the store and phraseed courteously, “immediately, what can I aid you with?”
Ervins Dervish

PostWysłany: Pi± 22:05, 11 Sty 2008

-back lipitor lower pain symptom-

PostWysłany: ¦ro 1:59, 16 Sty 2008

Two blondes were going to Disneyland when they came to a fork in the road. The sign read: "Disneyland Left."
So they went home.

PostWysłany: Czw 19:55, 17 Sty 2008

I love house music.
And you?
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